Obin finally is on heat again after being usual for three weeks. Long story short, she never plays, even more mating with a male cat before and she hasn’t spayed yet. We come to a conclusion that we cannot afford to have kittens into our house because it takes a lot of time and money to assure the cat’s physical and mental health.

I read a lot about what to do when Obin encounters this situation from time to time, on how to handle her. The vet said there’s nothing we can do to supress the urge other than spaying her. We did plan for it but my sister decided to push back the date because at the same time, my sister chose to adopt grandma’s male cat called Ale which moving in along with his health issues. Thus he currently is under supervision and of course the priority goes to cure his condition first.

As for Obin, I’m trying to be with her as much as I can to compensate her loneliness and stress. Although she can be very clingy in her heat period, which also test my patience. But never mind, I will tolerate you because you are lovable.

God help me to subdue both Obin’s level of clinginess and stressfulness.

Lee Hi – Only (cover)

It’s beyond delightful for me to discover new instrumental cover artist slash musician to be added on the list, next to Sung Ha Jung, Pianoheart, and Doopiano. Known as Kenneth Acoustic, he mostly do cover to share his own style of arranging the music through guitar’s tab.

I think music works just the same as any other activity. Just like how I choose a person to share the day with or to pick a good book to read, it differs with any other people. There is nothing like an exact way to play and enjoy it, rather, how do we connect with the music and interpret them with our own perspective. As personal as it is, Kenneth’s way to interpret those music resonates well with my music taste.

Anyway, shout out also to Lee Hi for challenging herself to do various genre, especially after she signed up with her current label, AOMG. This song, by far, is my top pick out of her discography.

rainy ambiance

Today’s morning routine begins with me, stumbling upon the notes app and discover some writings that supposed to be posted either here or tre’s. Perhaps it’s because of the situation, but all of them sparks the gloomy nuance. Other possibility falls through the fact that it’s my own preference to write in a melancholic slash dramatical sense.

So. Between the work related notes and groceries reminder, let’s leap through one season since I favor rainy ambiance way more than summer’s sunshine kisses.

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